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Lucky wheel of fortune guess

lucky wheel of fortune guess

One lucky contestant solved a long puzzle on " Wheel of Fortune " with only one letter.
It's a thing, and it's three words: three letters, four letters and five letters. The first two letters are "NE." Go ahead. Come up with a guess -- m.
26 episode of " Wheel of Fortune " was a lot of fun to watch for just ' Wheel ' of incredibly good fortune: Contestant stuns with one-letter guess, $91K win For those who get lucky and win that final bonus round, a $1 million. WTF!!!! Woman Solves Wheel Of Fortune Puzzle With One Letter
lucky wheel of fortune guess

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Not So Family Friendly. Matt Desanto, a recent contestant on the "Wheel of Fortune" game show, made the luckiest guess of a lifetime by solving a puzzle with just one letter turned. Not So Family Friendly. DeSanto went on to sweep all the puzzles in the main game, taking home a huge grand total and a "Wheel of Fortune" record : WheelofFortune Wow! Are all the Pixar movies connected? Wheel Of Fortune Wheel Of Fortune Fail Wheel Of Fortune Lucky Wheel Of Fortune Guess Wheel Of Fortune Contestant.