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Most nfl points scored 2016

most nfl points scored 2016

P YDS/G: Net passing yards per game; RUSH: Rushing yards; R YDS/G: Rushing yards per game. PTS: Total points ; PTS/G: Points per game. Statistics Glossary  ‎ NFL Team Total Defense · ‎ 2015 NFL Team Total Stats · ‎ Downs · ‎ Total.
NFL Football points per game page. Rank, Team, 2016, Last 3, Last 1, Home, Away, 2015 More Scoring Offense Stats. Points per Game; Average Scoring   ‎ Opponent Points per Game · ‎ Average Scoring Margin · ‎ Defensive Points per Game.
Points Per Game statistic measures the average number of points a team scores on a per game basis, which is calculated simply by taking the total points a team. Longest NFL kick return Ever! 109.88 Yards
most nfl points scored 2016 Do you use Sports Reference A LOT? Popular: Tom BradyCam NewtonRussell WilsonAaron RodgersOdell Beckham Jr. NFL Survivor Pool Picks. List of weather records. Current Team Position Rankings. Full Site Menu Below. Opponent Yards per Rush Attempt.