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Slotkin antietam review

slotkin antietam review

By Harold Holzer • MHQ Reviews, Reviews. The Long Road to Antietam How the Civil War Became a Revolution By Richard Slotkin. 512 pp.
Book Review: The Long Road to Antietam, by Richard Slotkin “Lincoln understood very clearly,” Slotkin says, “that the war could not in future.
Richard Slotkin's new history on the Antietam Campaign, The Long Road to Antietam, describes the Civil war as “a genuinely revolutionary. slotkin antietam review

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In my opinion, culturally and institutionally the South was ill-fitted to fight a war against a first-rate power. Repeatedly, Slotkin argues that McClellan cared far more. By clicking on "Submit" you agree that you have read and agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. Your Account Magazine Subscribe to. Just Another Blog from L. Photo by Bill Burkhardt. Show other formats FORMATS. Battlefield Detectives: Antietam I mean, he was clearly unsuited to be anything more than a Brigadier, despite his modest successes as a corps commander. What makes even his unsurprising conclusions unfold at such a gripping pace is his great gift for narrative. If the South had managed to avoid any major defeats until the election, it would have won the war. The Union had a serious weakness slotkin antietam review the location of its capital in virtually Southern territory. In this engrossing book Richard Slotkin looks beyond that blood-drenched battlefield to explore how Andres Levin Abraham Lincoln linked victory at Antietam to his decision to free slaves and declare that they could join the Union Army.