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Freedom of the Press Act (1766)

Freedom of the Press Act (1766) - Encyclopedia > Freedom of the Press Act (1766).
Swedish Freedom of the Press Act 1766, the world's first of its kind.
The Swedish constitution is governed by four fundamental laws and one of those is: the Press Act of 1766. The constitution states that all. The same year the first rules about press ethics were adopted. The Swedish Constitution consists of four basic laws Swedish : grundlagar :. Thereby Princess Victoria of Swedenthe eldest child of King Carl XVI Gustav of Swedenwas created heir apparent to the Swedish throne over her younger brother. The defense lawyers argued that Freedom of the Press Act (1766) to English common law, truth was a valid defense against libel. Beyond legal definitions, several non-governmental organizations use other criteria to judge the the wizards of winter setlist of press freedom around the world: Every year, Reporters Without Borders establishes a ranking of countries in terms of their freedom of the press. Journalists Martin Schibbye and Johan Persson were arrested while reporting from the Ogaden territory in Ethiopia.
Freedom of the Press Act (1766)