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Looksery Inc. provides face tracking and modifying technologies for real-time video and mobile social engagement solutions. Founders ‎: ‎ Yurii Monastyrshyn ‎, ‎ Victor Shaburov.
Snapchat may already be using Looksery's using its technology in its new " Lenses" feature.
Looksery adds cool interactive effects and filters to your photos and videos. ProsEasy to use: Just point your face to the light and tap the screen.

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A full set of face-enhancing tools is included, along with the ability to add quotes, borders, text, and stickers to your selfie. Cacophonous sounds: Some of the effects are paired with the most grating sounds. Latest headlines delivered to you daily. We want to bring you a seamless user experience. Using face tracking Looksery identifies all facial features, tracks …. Looksery Looksery Promo LOOKSERY APP AT A GLANCE:. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Get dressed up in Looksery, make a team selfie and send us Looksery photo. Beautification - change eye color, face shape, cover up zits, blemishes and correct skin tone. Enhance your natural beauty: Looksery does an excellent job of mixing up your eye color, improving your face shape, and correcting skin flaws.