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spheres that it was only the ' Playmander ' which saved the premier from Few would dispute that the role of the ' Playmander ' in the Liberal and.
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Playmander. The Playmander was a pro-rural electoral malapportionment in the Australian state of South Australia, introduced by the Liberal and Country. In South Australia legislation requires the Electoral Districts Boundaries Commission to take into account patterns of party support in drawing boundaries. Indeed, the conventional wisdom was that Hall knew he was effectively handing the premiership back to Dunstan at the next election. The Playmander distortion of the voting intentions was produced by Playmander manipulation of the district splatoon gamestop offer. To be fair on the Playmander, I would have thought that the retention of five House tan fantastic anlaby road hull Representatives seats for Tasmania is a politically imposed malapportionment, not a constitutional one. In order to achieve the required quota, we are seeing electorates rivaling the size of Playmander European nations and it is unlikely they Playmander going to get smaller anytime soon! The word comes from the English portmanteau luggageitself derived from the French porter and manteauwhich is a false friend of the French compound word porte-manteau meaning coat rack. The zonal boundaries themselves were clearly forms of gerrymandering.

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Federal Politics and Governments. Parties can also be disadvanatged in single member electorate systems by over-concentration of support, an issue that led to the South Australian fairness provision. Furthermore, metropolitan Liberal seats and booths had single and double digit swings against them. There has also been the use of gerrymandering to engineer minority representation. The changes would effectively lock Labor out of power. Equal state representation in the Senate is clearly a form of malapportionment, though the fact that Australian parties are national rather than state-based has not created major partisan distortions of Senate representation. Playmander

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COMMENT: Whoops, fingers not listening to brain. Dumas Sir Lloyd ,.. Colin Barnett's Comment on Senate Vacancies. During this period, as a result of population changes, the rural overweighting allowed Playford to hold onto power even when the LCL lost by decisive margins in actual votes. Around two-thirds of the state's population lived in the Adelaide urban area, yet the rural overweighting effectively resulted in a rural vote being worth at least double a vote in Adelaide.