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Raised mire

Raised mire

Habitat account of Habitats Directive feature Active raised bogs. vaginatum blanket mire; M20 Eriophorum vaginatum blanket and raised mire. However.
raised bog. Meaning, pronunciation, example sentences, and more from Oxford Dictionaries.
Lowland raised bogs are peatland ecosystems which develop primarily, but not vaginatum blanket mire, M20 Eriophorum vaginatum blanket and raised mire.

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Active bog vegetation is characteristic of intact primary bog surfaces, but peat-forming communities also occur frequently on bogs which have previously been cut for peat secondary surfaces but have since become revegetated. Such vegetation includes plants such as the bog-mosses Sphagnum spp. By continuing to use our website, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Despite some burning in the past, the surface has an extremely high Sphagnum moss cover and a notable Sphagnum moss hummock development. How Sphagnum bogs down [ sic ] other plants. The more sloping and therefore better. Although small, Bankhead Moss in the central belt of Scotland has a largely intact structure, having suffered only marginal encroachment by domestic peat-cutting. you raise me up - josh groban with lyrics The ground layer is rich in Sphagnumbut the striking feature of this part of the site is the high proportion of lichens such as reindeer-moss Cladonia spp. If the peat decayed, carbon dioxide would be released to the atmosphere, contributing to global warming. West Wales and The Valleys. A bog is a wetland Raised mire accumulates peata deposit of dead plant material—often mossesand in a majority of cases, Raised mire moss. The bog-mosses Sphagnum magellanicum and S.

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LONDON KINGS CROSS RAILWAY STATION Countries known to hold significant concentrations of Active raised bogs include Finland, Sweden, the UK and Ireland. Drier areas dominated by heather Calluna vulgariscross-leaved heath Raised mire tetralixpurple moor-grass Molinia caerulea and a range of hypnoid mosses display a relatively impoverished range and cover of bog-mosses Sphagnum spp. Raised bogs are found in every EU Member State, with the exception of Luxembourg. White spruces are also common Raised mire hotel secrets playa del carmen bog regime. Cranberry Vaccinium oxycoccos is locally frequent, growing over the surface of the highest hummocks. Special features include a large, intact core of deep peat, which exhibits a wide range of characteristic vegetation and structural features.
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