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It's called supertest since it depends on a module called super-agent, an HTTP client. This is important to know since the supertest library is.
SuperTest was a big help for my productivity and turned out to be a genuinely pleasant way to develop an API! Let's go over how to quickly set it.
Supercharge supertest with a promise interface. Promises/A+ logo SuperTest as Promised supercharges SuperTest with a then method. Instead of layering.

Supertest - with boyfriend

External developers — including the browser-client team — depend on this surface to build their code on top of it. Super-agent driven library for testing HTTP servers using a fluent API. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. However, things quickly got bothersome as testing the internal Python API was only part of the puzzle. In addition to the error, this method also gets the response for one last processing, logging, or whatever. Supertest is a library written by the prolific TJ Holowaychuk. SuperTest as Promised supercharges SuperTest with a then method. Supertest Sport Auto Supertest
Massive and heavily-armoured, these two will combine powerful guns with decent protection and poor mobility. Supertest ties into superagent for allowing easy assertions on top the real canadian superstore flyer those HTTP requests. The two Centurions will gain improved mobility and receive better gun parameters, to cement their place as medium tanks. Given that we know the mechanism for session continuity between requests, cookies, we can make it Supertest. This superagent agent with the login cookie is what we send back to Supertest caller of the login helper via Supertest.