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Vista gaming mode

vista gaming mode

5 Solid Tweaks to Optimize Your Computer For Gaming Read step #4 and maybe this will help some with slower PC's. Gaming mode shuts.
I thought I heard about some Windows Vista feature that can turn your PC into gaming mode where it drops all the useless and dumb processes.
Microsoft is working on a brand new " Game Mode " feature for Windows Vista already introduced a special shell folder called Game Explorer.

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We maintain a list — we call it the Known Games List — internally for both Game Mode and other game-related features, and that gets updated on a regular basis. It also comes with a Services Diagnostics tool to determine how you use your computer, suggesting you recommended changes that can be made to your Windows machine. Hopefully once you open that door we can have a very long conversation. Target the obvious thread jacking nonsense that the OS does like reindexing and pause it. Symantec Norton Verisign Mobile Security Privacy Policy Cookies Legal Notices. Kind of the way I look at it is that any increase is a benefit, without question. Find more information here. Here it comes PC Services Optimizer which is the ideal solution for tweaking them in an easy, safe and efficient way in order to significantly boost computer performance and security. Having it on in the background for music, wiki guides, YouTube, etc is going to have a performance hit and ideally Game Mode would target. Is PC Services Optimizer safe to use? RPS: What was it, broadly speaking, that made you do this? Talk to me again when they REALLY did something to PC gaming. You must vista gaming mode registered and logged in to post a comment. He kept talking about future conversations as well as having ideas for a year of work.