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130 gr sierra gameking load data

130 gr sierra gameking load data

I've been working up loads with Barnes TSX in my Remington 700. Tried several So my next step, looking at trying a Hornady SST or a Sierra Game King. In a 270, I wouldn't be happy with a bullet at Reloader's Nest Forum -.270 Win 150 gr Long.
section and have come up dry. Has anyone used the 130 hpbt from Sierra in a 260 Rem? I have Varget, IMR RE 17, and.
BlitzKing, GameKing, MatchKing, Pro-Hunter, Tipped MatchKing, Varminter . 270 Caliber 130 gr. groups when loaded to near maximum loads in 270 caliber rifle cartridges. 130.242.370 @ 2700 fps and above I use the recommended hunting load in my Sierra Load Data book and have gotten them. 130 gr sierra gameking load data .223 55 gr Sierra Game King vs Pumpkins

130 gr sierra gameking load data - gamejolt compogo

Just haven't tried them yet. Praise the Lord, praise the Lord, O my soul! Beartooth: A Bullet Worth Waiting For! The only bad news was trhe bullet nicked the paunch but luckily none of the stomach contents spilled out onto the meat. Excellent bullet that gives me confidence when I pull the trigger. Both times it was the Sierra Pro-Hunters. Location: Central BC, Canada.