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1985 Tour de France

1985 Tour de France

In 1975 Owen Mulholland became the first American journalist accredited to the Tour de France. Here's his report of the 1985 Tour, written shortly after it finished.
1985 Tour De France - Bernard Hinault defeats Greg Lemond with a controversial Coach's decision.
The 1985 Tour de France was the 72nd edition of Tour de France, one of cycling's Grand Tours. The Tour began in Plumelec on 28 June and finished on the.

1985 Tour de France -

She told me that. In fact, Hinault was several minutes back and LeMond lost at least, the chance for an important stage win. Hinault wasn't interested in anything except gaining that time and doing it in such a way as to leave no doubt who was the leader of the team and the Patron of the Tour. Photo Galleries Glossary, Terms, Lists. Greg was maybe too naive………. Notify me of new comments via email. Both riders had a tremendous ego, and wanted to be the number one.

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Tour de Francia 1985 Etapa12 Fabio Parra y Lucho Herrera 1985 Tour de France Sign up for our Email Newsletter. Everyone recognizes that he has some of the fastest legs in the business. Guimard also said that Hinault leaving Renault had a lot to do with the fact that having two champions in one games machine in knoxville would have lead to problems. No gimmicks this time, this "final exam" promised to reveal the most complete rider in the race. In Colombia good bicycles are as valuable as cars. Lies spoiled the fun.