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1996 Manchester bombing

1996 Manchester bombing

It was a day Manchester will never forget. On June 15, 1996, the IRA singled out our city to be victim of the biggest bomb it had ever exploded.
In 1996 The Provesional IRA bombed Manchester city centre. The bomb was placed in a van and caused.
Never before seen footage shows the terrifying moment an IRA lorry bomb destroyed Manchester city centre in 1996. Never-before seen video.

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Take our big survey We would like to know how you feel about your lifestyle, your views on schools, hospitals, rent levels, job opportunities, transport services and our local leaders Trafford Trafford council warns Bollin Primary School as teachers plan strike action As teachers prepare for six days of walkouts, parents say there is a "growing groundswell of outrage" at the way the school is being run. Yet one fact from that day remains breathtaking — and a testament to that heroic policing operation. The dramatic moment that a London-bound flight is... Real Irish Republican Army. Negative self-talk, trouble sleeping and too much alcohol: Expert reveals the signs you're suffering from... Share this with Pinterest. In the hours after the explosion, shocked officers embarked on the grim task of searching for casualties, at first mistaking shop-window mannequins for bodies. Manchester Bomb aftermath - new video