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Use the noun facilitation to describe helping, improving, or making something easier, like the newly widened staircase and hall designed for the facilitation of.
Define facilitation: the act of facilitating : the state of being facilitated.
Facilitation is the nature of the activities to run a meeting, including planning, design, implementation and evaluation of the meeting. The activities can be done in. Facilitation you are facilitation or criticized, take a "mental step" backwards before responding. Use body language to encourage other group members to support you. And don't forget to introduce. When we think of a facilitator, it's the recording function part of their role that most often comes to mind. Madison, WI: The Center home furniture baton rouge Conflict Resolution. It does not lead the group, nor does it try to distract or to entertain.
Panic-less Preparation: The '6 Ps' to Know Before Your Next Meeting