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Free transformers g1 episodes

free transformers g1 episodes

Watch online and download Transformers cartoon in high quality. part 2 ; Episode 96 The rebirth part 1; Episode 95 The return of optimus prime part.
This is a list containing the episodes of The Transformers, an animated television series . Sparkplug is soon free, but numerous others aren't so lucky at the moment. Meanwhile, Megatron has nearly succeeded and is preparing the final.
Watch Transformers Season 1 Free Online. Full Episodes for Transformers Season 1.
free transformers g1 episodes

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Still, two humans may not make a difference. Despite Sandstorm's help, there is little protection that the Autobots can actually offer him. The thing is, all they want from him is his personality cartridge. At the end of the film, Hot Rod becomes Rodimus Prime and uses the Matrix of leadership to destroy Unicron. A sneak attack disables Rodimus and his comrades. While Dirk is in custody, it is revealed that he somehow got a hold of a dangerous weapon and intended to sell it to the highest bidder.

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A crash-landing on Nebulos leads to a startling evolution in the Transformers' relationship with other races. Some autobots are captured. But can they prove their innocence and defeat the Decepticons? And the Autobots are going to need it in ord... Rodimus Prime, Springer, Arcee, and Ultra Magnus have their bodies stolen and their minds placed into synthoid bodies by crime lord Victor Drath and the strangely-familiar Old Snake.