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Holdem fence charger does not work

holdem fence charger does not work

Get the Answer. General QuestionsInstallation Troubleshooting . How does the joule relate to the performance of an electric fence charger? It doesn`t. It would.
I have just aquired a Hol-Dem 502, 2 joules, low impedance, one quit working and I bought a Paramak and haven't had any problems at all.
Among others, I have an old Holdem Model 57 Electric Fence Controller. How do you test electric fence units to see if they work? The BEST way is to use a fence tester, since it not only tells you IF it works, but also tells.

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If you read continuity the capacitor is shorted. The joule is defined as a unit of energy used to measure the distance a given weight can be moved in a unit of time or the amount of heat produced in a resistor by electrical current. Non-Profit Discount Request Form. Check for spark gap due to vegetation weed, grass, tree limb. Alas, that might be the best thing to. The unpleasant experience will train the animal to stay away from the fence. holdem fence charger does not work

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Remember that birds can sit on a power line and they do not feel anything because they are not touching earth ground-they are insulated from ground. The loss of energy between stored Joules and the amount of Joules actually produced on the fence wire is caused by the loss of energy within the discharge circuitry of the fence charger. A careful check of the fence wire installation will disclose the trouble. Knowing the stored Joules of any fence charger is useless information and cannot be relied on to determine the shock power on the fence wire. If you do not get the clicking with both the fence and the ground wires disconnected, this means the problem is in your fence line. Thanks for any assistance.