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Parable of the Sunfish

Parable of the Sunfish

"The Parable of the Sunfish " is an anecdote with which Ezra Pound opens ABC of Reading, a 1934 work of literary criticism. Pound uses this anecdote to  ‎ The Parable · ‎ Context · ‎ Sources · ‎ Interpretation and criticism.
A post-graduate student equipped with honors and diplomas went to Agassiz to receive the final and finishing touches. The great man offered.
Pound's version is known as the Parable of the Sunfish and deviates slightly from the original sources. I've done my best to represent Agassiz. Parable of the Sunfish

Parable of the Sunfish - deposit

Like many people, I thought that once I found the right workout routine, then I would be set. After his investigation of the sunfish Agassiz's student wrote, "I had learned the art of comparing objects. Babylon translation saves me so much time. At the end of three weeks the fish was in an advanced state of decomposition, but the student knew something about it. After a few minutes the student returned with the description of the Ichthus Heliodiplodokus , or whatever term is used to conceal the common sunfish from vulgar knowledge, family of Heliichtherinkus , etc.