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Quad 988 speakers

quad 988 speakers

Quad ESL 988 - Floorstanding Speakers - Quad ESL- 988 Electrostatic Loudspeaker Sensitivity: rms Impedance: 8ohm nominal Dimensions: 2.6w x.
Hello Everyone, Auditioned a pair of recently and would like some experienced Quads are probably one of the finest speakers around.
since the Quad carries as much baggage as a new Quad speaker. While the ESL- 988 is the direct replacement for the the.
Quad S-2 Speaker Krell Evo versus Simaudio Evolution? In several cases, I heard an artifact like the examples above on the Quads, and thought to myself "Why, I've never heard that before". Learn more about loudspeakers at CD, DVD, SACD, DVD-Audio. Finished in Spinal Tap black, the Quads are almost too sombre. It's quad 988 speakers the sweet spot is small, but oh so wonderful. Recording of the Month.

Quad 988 speakers - lifenews

It seems to me that the closer a speaker is able to reproduce the exact transient profile of the instrument the more realistic the playback seems. On the low frequency end, I definitely heard a noticeable difference in extension with the addition of my ACI Force subwoofer which incidentally integrates amazingly well with the Quads. Other than the specific tracks above, I have now spent several months listening to these speakers over a variety of genre, format and recording quality. I agree that it has the cleanest midrange and upper bass I have ever heard. And I do also intend to experiment with supertweeters in the future... Yep, they were superceded some time back. quad 988 speakers