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Super hot peppers seeds

super hot peppers seeds

You might have to use Habanero peppers to cool your mouth after tasting these Super Hot peppers. You won't find anything under 1 million Scoville Units in this.
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We offer 15 varieties of Super Hot Peppers, as Pepper Plants, Pepper Seeds and Super Hot peppers rate approximately 1 million heat units on the Scoville.

Super hot peppers seeds - puzzles and

Bhut Jolokia Purple is a rare, natural variant of Red Bhut Jolokia. Product Name A - Z.. Seeds are from the yellow fruited Brain Strain variant... Slightly larger fruit and taller plant with heavy yield. A sweet chocolate-cherry under tone with hint of citrus. As far as we know, no scoville tests have been done yet to determine the heat range, but heat is comparable to the world record Trinidad Moruga Scorpion. Mosquito Repellent Variety Pack. Sign up to get our free 'Chile News and Views' email with tips, tricks and secrets on growing amazing hot peppers. A natural orange variant of the regular Bhut Jolokia. Pepper - Cayenne, Red. An exotic Aji pepper with flattened and pointed fruits, somewhat reminiscent of a starfish. Product Name A - Z. Pepper, Hot, Big Boss Man Hybrid.