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Vanilla mastercard balance not working

vanilla mastercard balance not working

My daughter was given a Vanilla Mastercard that did not work. Meanwhile, I have been using my card; I can check my balance over the phone because I know.
Last year my Mom received a Vanilla Mastercard Gift Card for $50. the card but it did not work for other purchases at many other stores including a phone menu that provides the remaining balance and restates the.
Consumer complaints and reviews about Vanilla Mastercard in Vancouver, problem and could not tell me why the receipt they gave me does not match the. Lastly, Amazon are Yanqui imperialist swine, and to give them your money is to spit in the face of your fellow increasingly un- or under-employed Canadians. It took so much time and trouble to try to resolve. Cancel Thank you for your feedback! The card was not activated by the store but i have my receipt. Now I'm waiting for a response from their Florida office.
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